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Wrapping You in Support: childbirth classes & doula services

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Why hire a Doula? Why take childbirth classes?

Your birth location and birth team plays a huge part in the outcome of your birth. YOU are in control of your birth.

Hiring a Doula and/or taking a childbirth education series or childbirth classes that serves you can be a wonderful and enjoyable part of having an informed birth journey. You are powerful and designed to give birth. When I am invited into a birth space to give Doula support, I am there to help them feel heard, supported and more relaxed. Birth is a unique experience for every birthing person and can have a lasting effect on everyone involved. So I take my role in your birth experience and journey into parenthood seriously. This time is for you to enjoy without fear and cherish for years.

It is never too early in your pregnancy to get support and information about your birth. And it is (usually) never too late to hire a Doula.

Warm Scarf Doula, LLC is owned and operated solely by 

Katie Tighe, Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE) 

in Catonsville, Baltimore County and the surrounding areas.

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