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I am available by email, text, whatsapp or phone call.

Catonsville, Maryland in Baltimore County

(864) 356-3487

Hours - By Appointment Only

I work on your schedule and can be available for scheduled appointments most evenings of the week and weekends. Please call during reasonable daytime and evening hours. When I am on-call, I am available 24/7 for my client. Please allow up to three days for all other inquiries.

For clients 37 + weeks: please call! Even if it seems unimportant.

Katie's Story

Thank you Heartlove Photography for this amazing breastfeeding photo.

My Birth Journeys

My first birth was an amazing water birth experience at a birth center. However, my transition into parenthood was far from smooth. I learned first hand how difficult and lonely it can be to be postpartum in our culture. Before my baby's first birthday, we moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I began my Doula journey and became pregnant again.. For my second baby, I planned a home water lotus birth. However, we were rushed to the hospital where my son was born via cesarean section. I was so amazed by the postpartum support in Holland and how different it was to birth in this culture. After only two years in Holland, we moved back to Maryland where I founded Warm Scarf Doula, LLC. I recently gave birth to my third baby; a home water lotus birth after cesarean. She decided to arrive OP (or "sunny side up") and was by far my most powerful and magical birth yet!

[Thank you Heartlove Photography for this amazing breastfeeding photo.]


My Doula and Childbirth Educator Journey

I grew up surrounded by birth and breastfeeding. While I lived in Amsterdam, I began training to be a birth Doula and met amazing birth workers and advocates in Holland. After I moved back to Maryland, I became a childbirth educator and now offer a variety of classes for parents and families to help feel informed for their amazing birth. I am passionate about supporting those on the journey into parenthood. While completing the certification process to become a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, I became pregnant again and decided to take a step back from supporting families as a Doula. This is only temporary as my family needs me at home. Currently, I am in the process of reviewing and reworking my childbirth education classes. Spinning Babies Parent Classes will continue as scheduled into 2020.

Homebirth, Doula support, childbirth, third phase of labor. Photo courtesy of Morgan J Photography.

Medicated or Un-medicated Birth? Natural Birth or Cesarean Birth? Inclusive of all families?

Yes. Birth is beautiful in all it's forms and unique for every individual. The right support exists for all families and all birth choices. If I am not the right fit for you, I am happy to provide nonjudgemental encouragement and do my best to provide referrals to other wonderful childbirth professionals in the area. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as I am learning to be respectful and helpful for all birthing people in Maryland.

[Photo courtesy of Morgan J Photography.]