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I will usually travel up to 40 minutes from Catonsville for childbirth education and Doula support.

Warm Scarf Doula, LLC

Why attend a Childbirth Class for Couples?


In todays birthing culture, natural childbirth is still rarely seen; interventions and medications are standard operating practice in many hospitals. For parents preparing for birth, it is critical to attend a good, up-to-date class that educates you on what interventions look like and when they may be necessary. It is also a great time to learn comfort measures, relaxation techniques, nutrition and exercise that help you to feel ready and confident for childbirth. Learning about interventions, medications and alternatives while in labor is a bit late. So knowing what to expect and what your options are before  can help you have the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Childbirth education is not just for first time mothers either. Partners, dads, experienced couples and siblings all benefit from these classes and workshops. Weather you want an unmedicated hospital birth, a VBAC, a home birth, an HBAC or to prepare older children, these classes are a great step towards your goals. We work hard to replace fear with information so you can have an empowered and amazing birth!

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Why Individualized Care for Pregnancy and Birth?


Hospitals and the medical model of care is stream lined and efficient. They often have a large number of clients that need their attention and high level of skill. It is no wonder that so many prenatal visits are done quickly and to the point. Midwives believe that pregnant women deserve to be heard. Fears and concerns are real and need attention before labor begins. Doctors who use the phrase, "I'll let you..." are more concerned with a good birth outcome than the parent's birth experience. And although it is critically important that everyone leaves the labor room healthy, I believe that families should also leave the labor room happy and confident that their birth experience was under their control. Birth doesn't happen to you, it happens because of your love and power. Birth has many variations. Individualized care means that time and effort is dedicated to understanding and customizing services and care given to an individual. Homebirth Midwives are great at providing individualized care and many even do prenatal care in your home, in your comfort and meeting you in your space. This is all for the benefit of the pregnant and laboring mother.

Why have Doula Labor Support? Is It Necessary?


Doulas provide mothers and partners with physical, emotional and informational support in pregnancy, labor and postpartum. During home births, Doulas are the support that Midwives appreciate to handle mother's comfort and coping. In the hospital, Doulas are with parents continuously to help parents remain calm and in a relaxed environment. Doulas visit expecting families during pregnancy to discuss their birth plan, choices in labor and informed consent. However, a Doula does not replace a good childbirth education. 

Studies continue to show that Doula support improves mother's chances of having the birth she desires. Having the continuous support of a doula can decrease the risk of a cesarean by 50% by also reducing the risk of other interventions. Length of labor is also statistically decreased because Mothers and partners feel well supported, relaxed, heard and safe. [According to Hodnett ED. Gates S Hofmeyr GJ. Sakala C. Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. CD003766, (2003)]

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