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For the time being, I will not be supporting childbirth on-call as a Doula as I have 3 young children to care for at home. Until I am able to be on-call again, I will offer limited Doula services.

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What Is Support?

True Support

Weather or not you hire a doula, you deserve the best care and support. You deserve to be heard and respected. True support from your partner, from your family, from your care provider and the rest of your birth team should be respectful, thoughtful and compassionate. When you are interviewing for your care provider(s) and birth team, watch for red flags! Watch the language used and their attitude about your birth plan. Find out how your care provider(s) really feel about physiological childbirth. An independent (meaning not offered by a hospital) childbirth class is a great way to prepare. A doula adds wonderful, continuous and customized support for you and your partner.

Choosing the right Doula for you is an important step. I highly recommend interviewing, in person, several people so that you can be sure you are hiring someone who will be the person you expect them to be during your birthing process. Doulas are non-medical. We absolutely cannot speak for you or interfere with medical professionals. However, we can help you in so many ways with physical, emotional and informational support and if necessary remind you of your rights in childbirth. Let's talk! I am happy to help you understand what that might look like during your dream birth. Interviews are always free, even in person. 

Support in Pregnancy

Questions and fears during pregnancy are very intense. Your Doula is available for you by text, phone and email for all your questions and to make sure you feel heard as you prepare for childbirth. Prenatal visits are not only good for building trust, but also for relaxation and releasing stress. This is why I always recommend two prenatal visits in your home. Of course, this can always be customized based on your needs and desires.

Postpartum is Special too

Postpartum support varies based on your needs. The bare minimum postpartum support is to hold space with you, give encouragement and resources and hear your birth story. But it can be so much more! Caring for baby so you can rest, shower & eat, light chores, foot massage, belly binding, closing ceremony, and more. What do you want/need? Just let your Doula know! Don't be afraid to ask and voice your needs, even if they feel insignificant. Planning and hiring a postpartum Doula during your pregnancy is ideal to reserve their availability; however, it is not required. This is your 40 days of rest after childbirth and bonding with your growing family, lets make it special.

Doula Support Fees

forms of payment accepted: paypal, mastercard, visa, cash or check. Traveler's checks are not accepted. Payment plans can be arranged.

Contact Katie for Availability

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Warm Scarf Doula

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Scope of Practice

I, Katie Tighe, am a trained birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. As a passionate supporter of childbirth, I offer emotional, physical and informational support to my clients without judgment. I am NOT a licensed therapist or medical professional. I refrain from offering medical advice. I give clients information about medical procedures and I trust my clients to be in control of their health during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I trust in women's ability to birth. I prefer to not be a mediator for my client and her care provider(s), I will try to offer suggestions for how to better communicate directly. I refuse to cooperate with obstetric violence. 

I sometimes offer herbal, homeopathic or essential oils as part of my support services. These offerings are in no way being prescribed medically to prevent, cure or treat any health conditions.

I do not perform as an assistant or medical provider in any way, including but not limited to: taking blood pressure, listening to baby's heart rate, weighing baby, medical exams of any kind or medical procedures of any kind. For medical advice and concerns, please consult a medical care provider. For therapeutic massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies or medicinal herbs please visit a licensed or certified professional. I maintain a list of highly skilled and reputable professionals in the area that I am happy to share with clients and students.. 

I am honored to serve growing families in Maryland by providing emotional, physical and informational support.

Thank you.